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{ - }  P4SD Lab Report Dec’23
published at: 2023-12-22T20:23:09.946Zcontroller: Chels

🚨 Calling all Test Subjects 🚨

An update on proceedings inside the P4SD Laboratory and what’s coming on the horizon.

The Pit

Here’s the skinny: The Pit is your chance to access low supply, rare new traits and 1/1s. New traits will go on ‘auction’ at random times on the Black Market, known as The Pit. Use your VM Tokens and Items to bid on auctions and pick up all-new side effects! Test Subjects will need to keep an eye on proceedings at The Pit in order not to miss out on the latest items.

Behind the Scenes: The tech for this is 80% built. We’re working on some final contract elements and perfecting the art of some of the new unexpected traits. Here’s a little sneak peak of whats to come as part of The Pit experience:

Music Label

We’ve spoken in the past about a collaboration with a music label and we’re now in production on this project. We were approached by the label to help build a digital experience for one of their artists. It’s a track from a new album for a prominent artist, and we’re building an experience to bring the music video to life. Our team have been working hard on this and we’re nearing the end of the process. P4SD IP will appear in the music video and exist in the ‘universe’ that the video has created.

This should be released in the new year.

Physical fun

We’ve been working on some physical goods inspired by the world of Possessed. From fashion items and resin models to this deck of Possessed Playing Cards. Want to see your Test Subject appear in the deck? Put the number of your TS into our Possessed Playing Card thread in #development and we’ll choose some of the most mesmerising to include in the deck.

We’ve built a site to manage the drop, purchase and shipping experience for all upcoming physical goods. This will be released soon alongside The Pit experience.

Incubator : QPL

For centuries, hidden dimensions and unseen lifeforms have been whispered about in various cultures. Now, these ancient speculations are brought to light with the P4SD : Quantum Perception Lens. This innovative device employs quantum mechanics to reveal the invisible, scanning dimensions beyond our normal senses. The QPL is more than a tool; it's a window into the unseen universe, redefining our understanding of reality.

A groundbreaking discovery is on the horizon. Test Subjects stay alert, as what is discovered could transform your lives forever. Expect a discovery early 2024.


Over recent years all equipment across the Lab has been upgraded to the highest technological standards… apart from in one area. Dr Cornelius Grumbleton works alone in the Theoretical Physics department. Rumour has it he’s over 150 years old, but can still run up the steps to the Lab faster than any Test Subject. He’s a mathematical genius and a physics purist, only using a paper, pen and his Quantum Quest QX personal computer from 1984. He recently switched on the machine for the first time in years and has downloaded the files of all 10,000 Test Subjects. But they look very unusual on this old pixelated screen…

More information about PXL-PSSSSD in the new year.

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This room contains laboratory broadcast facilities designed to create and transmit lab Propaganda information. Test subjects and the public at large are encouraged to regularly observe transmissions and stay blessed at all times. Stay tuned to broadcasts for updates on the possessed outbreak and the dangerous ongoing experiments taking place at p4sd.

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